Wild Cooking Bath, Just add a dash of woodsmoke to your food

Welcome to the home of wild cooking in Bath.

We love cooking in the wild, the simple joys of a fire, good food & friends...  Now you too can enjoy this pleasure. Escape the rat race of the city and unwind in the tranquil countryside with your very own bushcraft instructor and wilderness chef to guide you.


Most of our courses and events tend to be in small groups of 5-10 people on the weekend, but we're flexible, so do contact us if you'd like your own private or corporate event anytime during the week.

Our courses and events

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Unlike many wilderness and bushcraft courses, Wild Cooking Bath focuses primarily on all aspects of the preparation, cooking and importantly the eating of a delicious wild meal. Leaving you with actionable skills and experiences you can try again yourself in your own kitchen or garden.


All our courses provide you with a hearty lunch and end on a relaxing dinner. Surplus meat or ingredients will be available for the participants to take away with them if they wish.


We currently run the following types of events: Deer, Game & Private Groups such as Hen, Stag and Corporate.


Learn how to prepare and cook game animals such as rabbits, hares and squirrels.
Venison is a delicious meat, and tastes even better when you've prepared everything yourself.
We get all our animals locally and if possible hunted ourselves.

Deer   £200 per person.


Learn how to skin and butcher a whole deer and go home with a lot of meat for the freezer. We will cover butchering of the animal into joints and then fine butchery, preparation of joints for rolling and stuffing. Then sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labour with a delicious venison evening meal.


Every student will have their own deer to work on over the day.

(If you are happy to share, a £100 'couples' discount is available, no one has a freezer large enough for two!)


All equipment will be provided but it is recommended that students bring at least a large cool box and ice blocks to keep their meat cool and to transport the meat home once the course is completed.


This year we'll be doing a few Christmas Special days to get you ready for what many people (in my family at least) consider the biggest meal of the year! Give the turkeys and geese a rest and really wow your guests. Not only is it a great early Christmas present, but you'll walk away with enough highest quality fresh meat for even the largest of family gatherings.


Check out of Facebook event page or email us if you have any questions or would like to book on.

We will teach you the art of wild butchery, from hunting to eating.
All our cooking is done over wood and fires. Learn how to survive in the woods.
There is nothing more satisfying that understanding where your food has come from. Learn to skin, butcher and cook your own meat.

Game   £150 per person.


Learn how to prepare the three main types of game: fin, fur and feather. Then experience the various ways to cook them with traditional fires, pits and oven, for a fantastic end of the day game meal. The morning is all about the animals (we do them all):











Filleting of fish and the various ways in which they can be cooked over wood fuelled fires... hot and cold smoking, planking and split stick cooking


Skinning and butchery of small game animals such as rabbits, hares and squirrels. We will discuss the seasons when small game is at it’s best, uses for by-products such as the skins and bones and various recipes to turn the meat into delicious and sustaining meals


Learn the various means of preparing feathered game such as pheasants, partridges, pigeons, grouse and ducks.


Every student will have their own animals to work on over the day.

(If you are happy to share, a £50 'couples' discount is available).

The afternoon covers different ways to cook them:


We'll show you how to cook various game recipes in our wood fuelled outdoor kitchen for the end of day meal. We will also be preparing a number of accompanying vegetable dishes.


All equipment will be provided but it is recommended that students bring a large cool box and ice blocks to keep their meat and fish cool and to transport it home once the course is completed.

Stag / Hen / Private Groups

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Come and join us in our woodland kitchen for an experience you'll never forget. Whether you're looking for that survivalist 'cave man' experience or just a wonderful time with friends, we love hosting groups and parties and can tailor a day to suit your needs or dietary requirements.



A typical day might include:


  • Fundamental bushcraft skills such as fire lighting and trap making.
  • Skinning and butchering a whole deer, learning about the hunting process, sustainable sourcing and uses for different parts of the animal.
  • A pizza lunch, cooked in the wood fired oven. Make the dough and learn how to build and use your own clay oven.
  • Rabbits, pheasants or some other seasonal game animals. Skinned, plucked and prepared.
  • Then either stay longer for a freshly cooked early dinner using the meat you've prepared. Getting you ready for a night out in the city! Or take your ingredients home with you for a breakfast of champions the next day.



Ideally suited for groups of between 6 - 25 people, the day runs from 10:00 - 16:00 (or 18:00 with dinner) but we can change the schedule and activities to suit your requirements, dietary needs and time commitments.


£100 per person, please contact us below to discuss.


"Such an amazing day, big thank you to Ed, Guy and Lucy for an experience we wont forget"

Hannah - Bristol

"Really had a good time"

Chris - London

"Thanks for such an amazing day"

Michael - London

"The stag do has well and truly started! Awesome."

Adam - Devon

"Great weekend"

Will - Hampshire

Stag and hen groups have a lot of fun preparing meat and food together.

When are things happening?

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Please contact us on the form below to enquire about upcoming course dates and events.


When attending our events, please bring suitable clothes for the weather, being in a forest and for being around open fires. Whilst we have some covered shelter it could start raining during the day, so appropriate clothing for the conditions is a necessity.


Please bring foil or Tupperware containers and a cool box if you'd like to take home any leftover meat or other ingredients you may have prepared on the day.


For private parties, email us below for availability.


Current 2017 course dates:

Saturday 26th August

Saturday 16th December

Sunday 17th December


More to follow...


Christmas Deer Special

Christmas Deer Special

If you would like to book onto any event and book tickets, please email with the below form.


Places on the Deer and Game days are limited to ensure we give every participant as much attention as possible so please book early to avoid disappointment.

About us and our instructors

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Meet Guy, your Bushcraft Chef.


I was fortunate to have grown up in rural Dorset and as a boy spent many weekends and summer holidays making shelters in the woods, cooking over open fires, running night lines for eels and catching rabbits.


With a nearby river and some small islands to explore this proved to be an ideal place. I developed a passion for fishing, outdoor activities and wildlife in general, which has stayed with me through my life. My Father was a keen country sportsman and so we always had plenty of game around, when in season, it being my job to skin and gut it.


Sourcing food from the wild, foraging for seasonal plants, catching my own fish and game and preparing it for eating, have always been great pleasures for me. Always trying to maximise the use from every animal caught. This has led me to tanning hides and using bones for items such as needles, fish hooks and awls. In sourcing food from the wild and any of my other outdoor activities I ensure that I remain sustainable, never taking more than an area can provide and letting areas rest until they recover.


After 28 years with the MOD I decided to follow my passion, step out of the public sector and bring the bushcraft and sustainability training and skills I have learnt to a different audience.



In a supporting role... the Sous Chef's Ed, Jo & Lucy


In the background helping to make the magic happen is a small team of Sous Chefs to make sure your event runs smoothly and is as enjoyable an experience as it can be.


Foraging for wild foods
Cooking a pizza in a wood fueled oven
Starting a fire with traditional techniques

Our contact details and location

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We'd love to heard from you. Do please fill out an enquiry form, find us on Facebook or leave a message on our phone. We'll try to get back to you as soon as we can. Please be patient, we might be in the woods.


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Midford Lane



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We're just outside the city of Bath, a short drive away or an easy cycle and walk alone the Two Tunnels pathway. Escape the bustle of the city and enjoy the peace and quiet of this secluded location.

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